ITT Neodyn Pressure and Temperature Switches


The ITT Neo-Dyn Industrial Switch organization manufactures standard and custom switches for the industrial, chemical process, and energy markets. ITT’s leadership in skilled design, testing, manufacturing, and service has set the industry standard for high performance pressure and temperature switches.

Neo-Dyn switches are crafted to the highest quality available in the industry, and their leadership is a direct result of their commitment to cutting edge research and development. Innovations leading to new products, materials and manufacturing methods are critical to their success, allowing them to meet the most challenging applications – present and future.

Originally, the Neo-Dyn® switch operation was founded in 1973 and acquired by ITT in 1978. The Neo-Dyn Industrial Switch group was integrated into ITT Aerospace Controls in 1985 and relocated to their Valenica, CA, facility in 1994.

Neo-Dyn’s commercial and industrial switches have the highest quality, quickest delivery, and most competitive pricing available in the industry.

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