Introducing a new partnership!!!

We have combined VEGA’s 60 years of manufacturing expertise with CB Engineering’s 40 years of level application and sales experience to create a partnership that will provide a breath of fresh air to the level control world.

VEGA’s measurement technology covers an extremely wide range of applications: silos and storage tanks of all sizes, reaction vessels and distillation columns. It measures all kinds of products, from gases to coarse solids, no matter whether highly corrosive or abrasive, and no matter under what conditions, from vacuum to high pressure and in almost all temperature ranges.

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About CB Engineering

CB Engineering is a leading provider of instrumentation and controls products and solutions to the industrial market in Western Canada. Since our inception in 1974, our employees have committed themselves to setting consistently high standards for customer service. Our manufacturers rank amongst the best and most innovative in the industry, and together, we work to help our customers reach their goals.

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